Don’t diminish the importance of your photographs and artwork with boring, every day frames. Let Moments Framed help preserve your family pictures and collectibles by creating beautiful and appealing frames for them.

Moments Framed

Take advantage of our variety of framing options that will allow your pictures to shine. Our services include custom framing, creation of shadow boxes, framed mirrors and needlework.

Our mats and moldings offer unique ways of adding flair to your images. You can choose from various textures, woods and colors to compliment the subject. At Moments Framed, molding includes custom edging work for added style.

Shadow boxes and framed mirrors provide several benefits including subject display and décor accompaniment. Shadow boxes are a neat way to portray a 3D image, such as memorabilia. Don’t underestimate the effect a framed mirror can have on the look of a room.

We work closely with our customers to ensure they’ll receive top quality, personalized custom picture frames. Located in St. Louis, MO, Moments Framed can turn an ordinary piece into a masterpiece, so order one of our frames today!